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What We Do

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  • Publicizes neglect and abuse in general and in specific nursing homes, educates legislators, physicians, discharge planners, the press and the public

  • Holds the state licensing agencies accountable for poor inspections and oversight by (1) exposing bad practices, and (2) lobbying for audits

  • Files complaints with the oversight agencies for families and staff who are reluctant to file complaints themselves for fear of retaliation

  • Appeals supposedly “INVALID” determinations of complaint investigations

  • Accompanies and supports families at involuntary transfer proceedings

  • Accompanies family members to care plan meetings

  • Supports staff who speak out against abuse and neglect of residents

  • Finds resources for staff fired for reporting neglect and abuse

  • Helps families to settle disputes amicably with the nursing home by filing a Notice of Complaint to the Administrator

  • Introduces and supports protective legislation

  • Testifies before special legislative committees on nursing home abuse and neglect, corruption and fraud

  • Exposes legislators who are indebted to the nursing home industry because they take money from them and work against the welfare of residents