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- find your representatives in Washington and send them an email asking that
they look into abuse of nursing home residents

- Medicare's Nursing Home Compare Tool - The primary purpose of this
tool is to provide detailed information about the performance of every Medicare
and Medicaid certified nursing home in the country. 

- seeks to insure civil and criminal liability for all
offenses committed against America's elders and vulnerable adults, especially
for those elders and vulnerable adults who reside in institutional settings.

- Member of the Family - MemberoftheFamily.net
provides information about 16,000
Medicare/Medicaid-certified nursing homes in the United States, including
easy-to-understand reports based on recent government surveys. We also compile a
National Watch List of homes recently cited for
violations or that have had substantiated complaints made against them.
Additionally we maintain an Honor Roll of
facilities found to be deficiency-free. 

Citizens working to end special interest politics 

"The healthcare rating experts"

"We certainly need more nurses like Kaitlyn who volunteers as a nurse in CA in this industry.

Foundation Aiding the Elderly - The objective of FATE is to serve
as a voice for patients and to bring about national reforms and enforcement of
the laws governing the nursing home industry and its regulatory agencies in
order to assure proper care, civil rights and meaningful, dignified life for the
elderly in long-term care facilities.

- California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform - Through community
education, legislation and litigation, it has been CANHR's goal to remind
decision makers of what needs to be done about long-term care; that this
"forgotten population" consists of our mothers and fathers, our
husbands and wives, our brothers and sisters, and that their suffering is our

to Surveyors for Long Term Care Facilities