Family-Controlled Surveillance Cameras and Resident/Staff Privacy

No one’s privacy will be violated:

The Resident or his Guardian is the one who is placing the camera in his or her room because the Resident wants it. No one is forcing the camera on a resident.

Neither the nursing home or the government are involved in this decision.

The Resident is paying for the camera

The camera will be focused on the Resident’s bed and immediate area only, if there is a roommate.

Yes, personal care may be recorded but the tapes are only for the Resident’s eyes and the eyes of the Guardian. The VCR with the tape will be in a locked box accessible to the Resident and Guardian and or person with Power of Attorney.


Staff privacy is not an issue:

Cameras are in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, daycare centers, even animal kennels. Workers do not have a right to privacy in the workplace as long as they are informed that there is surveillance.

Nursing homes have cameras at the employee exits to protect their property from being stolen. Residents want cameras to ensure that they receive good care.

Good employees welcome the supervision that a camera can provide. They have nothing to hide. They do not want to work with those who are not providing quality care.


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