Why Surveillance Cameras Are Needed in Nursing Homes

It is commonly and nationally acknowledged that many nursing homes are dangerous places

bullet"Trusting a nursing home to take care of you, can be a fatal mistake"

Catherine Herridge, Fox News

bullet"We have rape, we have sexual assaults we have people being beaten up in nursing homes" Elma Holder, Founder, National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform.

Nursing home owners are "concerned" about getting and keeping good workers.*

bullet"We may lose 15 to 20% of our staff and have no prospective employees to replace those

who are terminated" Pete Peters, IL Council on LTC, and speech writer for the governor; at LTC Facility Adv. Board meeting, worried that criminal checks will decimate the nursing home work force.

The care is NOT getting better

bullet"Nursing home care, except for physical restraints, has not improved in 25 years. In fact, the care is getting worse. Perhaps it is time we take to the streets"

Elma Holder, founder National Coalition for Nursing Home Reform, Oct. 2000

Corruption in state licensing agencies:

bulletArrests and criminal charges continue to be filed for kickbacks, tipping off homes before inspections, altering reports, deleting citations. The FBI has investigated several state licensing agencies for corruption. Currently, 2002, the FBI is investigating the IL Dept of Public Health. Patients Pain and Politics by ex-Wisconsin state inspector Mary Richards Rollins, 1994, tells it all, nothing has changed, it just keeps getting worse

Shocking statistics of abuse and neglect by our federal government:

bulletMore than 1 of every 4 nursing homes is cited for causing actual harm to residents or placing them at risk for death. 40% of facilities are repeat offenders. GAO report, Jan. 2001
bullet1 of every 3 nursing homes is cited for abuse of patients. Congressman Henry Waxman’s report "Abuse of Residents is a major problem in US nursing homes" 2001

Abuse/ neglect complaints too difficult and costly to prove without hard evidence

bulletLess than 20% of complaints are validated by state licensing agencies. Cameras will make a difference and save the state a lot of money is fruitless, time consuming investigations

Lack of accountability

bulletDefense attorneys advise NH owners: "Shred your incident reports", Jonathan Dalton, Contemp. LTC.

Criminal charges against administrators and owners are rare. No fines for not conducting criminal checks or when records are falsified.

bullet"The federal government is not doing its job of enforcing the laws and consequently the states have been getting away with murder". U. S. Senator Charles Grassley- Senate Special Committee on Aging

*Cameras keep criminals and those with bizarre behaviors out of nursing homes, environment improves; staff retention and drop in liability insurance costs follows. See "Video Watchdogs"

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