Answers to Camera Concerns Voiced by Owners

Compiled by Nursing Home Monitors

What is to prevent greedy attorneys from getting families to put cameras in just to collect evidence for lawsuits?

The purpose of the camera is to encourage the staff to comply with the standard of care. It is comparable to the convenience stores. They serve to make the store more safe, but if someone robs the store, it is a record of what actually occurred. Cameras can help owners prove a common assertion: that they do not always chart the care they provide.

This is ridiculous. I cannot imagine anyone suggesting this. It is unethical and unprofessional  Further, why would they be concerned about evidence unless they are up to no good.

If they provide good care, the cameras will show this and prevent the "frivolous" lawsuits.


It will be harder to hire employees because of surveillance cameras

Southland Suites a LTC facility in Lake City, Florida, reports a dramatic drop in staff turn-over rate and reduced liability insurance costs after installing cameras.  (See Chicago Tribune, March 24, 2002 - "Video Watchdog" article)

What evidence of this do we have?

Why? This way the facility and its employees will have a record of the good care they provide.

The camera will exonerate staff that is accused of abuse or neglect or theft.


Poor people will not be able to have this protection - it will be an option only for the rich

Some residents have a TV, others do not have even a radio.

If one segment of the population benefits and the others are not harmed, the overall benefit is positive.

I don't think one has to be rich to afford a surveillance camera. I have seen them advertised for less than $100.00

Why should those who can afford it be denied it? Family councils at facilities can see that cameras are passed on to other families as residents who have them die.

Getting cameras for residents who cannot afford them can be a great community project.


The Camera may misinterpret actions. Example: Aides trying to calm down a combative resident may be blamed for abusing the resident.

The camera records, it does not interpret.



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